The Intelligence Behind Your Intelligence

Baker Street Scientific reveals and crystalizes associations within big data to give leaders greater ability to make common and critical decisions better, smarter, faster and with more confidence.


BakerSCI’s Capabilities Brief


Clarifying Decision Making at the Point of Critical Data

Baker Street Scientific technology works within the operational structure of any organization. It is data agnostic, dynamic, and powerful due to unbiased and biased processing capabilities, making it useful for any industry at any time.


We uncover seen and previously unseen, historical, current and predictive intelligence in big data associations so decision makers can act with confidence and speed on the issues that are most important to them, their organizations, and humanity.


We are committed to doing our part to improve and secure our world by telling a clearer story than has ever been told. Whether or not we know what is in the data or what it might reveal, we dig deep to uncover the narratives shaping our future.


We have built a relevance-driven intelligence engine that works on any type of data. By employing unique associative capabilities, we expose known and previously unknown associations to clarify the meaning and significance of the information.

The Revelation Engine

Baker Street Scientific’s associative and predictive engine discovers and connects volumes of raw data from any industry, sector or source. Working together, your team and our technology can translate that information into intelligence for common and complex decisions.


In the face of massive global change, our people work with unfailing integrity, agility and precision so you can too. We find and reveal what others can’t.


We make it possible to hone in on knowns and unknowns that help to pinpoint relevant connections within vast and varied data sets, transforming once indiscernible data into actionable intelligence.

Assurance for Common and Critical Decisions

Baker Street Scientific is working in front of the bleeding edge to produce new data standards, promote interoperability, and develop cross data applications that quickly translate complex big data sets into actionable intelligence.