We Clarify Decision Making at the Points of Critical Data

Baker Street Scientific exists to reveal intelligence through relevance. The work we do gives decision makers agility, acumen and courage to make world-changing decisions. Our big data technology solutions expose the vital information that exists deep within data associations. With it, you can tell a complete story and shape the future. In the face of massive scale, pace and implications of global change, this is how you act with confidence on the issues that matter most to you and your mission.

Never knowing what the intelligence might reveal, we’re brave enough to dig deeper. Committed to doing our part to improve and secure our world, we have the integrity to help you put it to its best use.

Baker Street Scientific is out in front of the bleeding edge, recasting the way common and critical decisions are made. Within ever-expanding magnitudes of information, we highlight new perspectives and improve the way you address your most pressing issues. Working with efficiency and precision at wire speed to process any type of data within any industry, we find and see what others can’t, expanding the boundaries of your information. Agile and innovative, our technology transforms previously indiscernible information into relevant, actionable, global scale intelligence so you can predict and act on the issues most vital to business, economy and humanity.

We work with precision and acuity so you can too.


BakerSCI Capabilities Brief



With the pace and scale of change, you need to be fully informed. We’re an agile partner with a highly efficient solution. Get in touch and gain the confidence that comes from making the most informed, best possible decisions.



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