Enhancing Discovery Here on Earth and into the Great Unknown

Baker Street Scientific works alongside global scientific leaders, enterprising orbiting platforms, and courageous space pioneers to provide vital analytics and deeper insights for mission support.

Whether revealing new information for extraterrestrial discovery, providing deep analytics for global interconnectivity, or providing mission support for cosmic exploration, Baker Street Scientific science and technologies are uniquely positioned to integrate into both legacy and next-generation systems to enhance science and mission success today and into the future. 


BakerSCI technologies augment the processing of sensing and communications data, whether captured or relayed through orbiting platforms, for greater scientific discovery and increased communications integrity.  Whether processed here on Earth or on-station miles above, our S&T can operate in the environments where they are needed most.


In an unpredictable environment, your data analysis can’t afford to be unpredictable.  Baker Street Scientific’s algorithms and processes deliver consistent, high-speed performance regardless of where the processing needs to occur.  Whether studying through telescopes, researching on the lunar surface, or exploring the furthest reaches of space, BakerSCI’s S&T is mission ready.

BakerSCI Results of M87 Black Hole Imagery

Black Hole

Image Credits: *1 Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, *2 BakerSCI Results © Baker Street Scientific